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Sailor Lucifer by MonstarArtwork Sailor Lucifer by MonstarArtwork
Revamped version of Sailor Star Unicorn:

Sailor Lucifer is a member of the Sailor Slayers. She carries the star seed of Lucifer the Morningstar. She is the second-most powerful Sailor Slayer, the first being Sailor Tiamat.

Civilian Name: Brenda Lizeth Flores

Age: 19

Alignment: Good

Nationality (on Earth): Mexican

Full Senshi name: Sailor Lucifer, Dame of the Morningstar.

Species: Human

Sailor Lucifer's suit is white except for her golden armor and the silver stripes on her sailor collar and skirt. She has black wings on her boots and gloves. She is a bit chubby, and has a round face with a prominent chin. Her eyes are black and slanted. Her hair reaches down to her legs.
In her civilian form, she wears a flower-embroided pink blouse, a gold-colored belt, black tight-fitting pants and black shoes. She wears a silver cross necklace and on her left arm, she wears a gold bracelet.

During her high school days, Sailor Lucifer was lazy, a crybaby and an academic underachiever, pretty much like Sailor Moon. She was also known for not being the brightest in class and for making brash decisions (for ex. having unprotected sex with her then-boyfriend now-husband). She however, has matured a great deal, and has shown to be a capable young woman.
She is very devoted to her friends and family, and is willing to risk it all for her young daughter Camila. She is usually a very kind, sweet and humble person. She has motherly qualities, acting as a support for others, and keeping the others around her optimistic. She is also known for being hardworking whenever time demands it.
One of the reasons that helped her mature (and what kept her from commiting more brash desicions that would negatively affect her life) was her devotion to The Virgin of Guadalupe and Jesus Christ, which she would use to draw the inner strength needed to help her face her everyday mundane problems and her sailor senshi duties. 
During battle, Brenda/Sailor Lucifer may sometimes quote verses from the bible, which while it causes adverse effects to the undead and low-level demonic beings, it also sometimes annoys friends and foes alike.
She like Sailor Tiamat, refrains from killing her enemies. Usually after defeating someone, she will leave them alone so that God can decide their fate. Some enemies however do deserve to die without second chances, and in these cases, Sailor Lucifer uses her magic to force them to witness all their evil deeds in first-person view before slaying them, similar to Ghost Rider's penance stare. 
Many a villain know her by the nickname "God's Warrior" which is funny if people also take into consideration that she's technically, an avatar of the Devil.

Origins: Lucifer The Morningstar was one of the Starbeasts of Revenge, who where born from the slain Queen Serenity and the Lunarians. Lucifer was the "original Satan". He wasn't as evil as the Devil however, but was full of unnecessary pride. He often suggested to Tiamat that they should conquer the universe themselves so that evil would no longer exist, and believed himself to be greater than his brothers. He eventually saw that his way of doing things wasn't correct, and decided to rid himself of these selfish desires. Though meditation, Lucifer expulsed his evil tendecies from his very being, the resulting essence turned into a creature known as Daisatan. Daisatan took over a dimension which would later be known as Hell.
Lucifer would fight against the Devourer of Stars and destroy the monster alongside his fellow starbeasts. To reincarnate to the modern-era on Earth, he choose the form of a woman with motherly qualities and long, black hair. Lucifer would then be reborn as Brenda, in the 90's in Aguascalientes, Mexico. She would later become Sailor Lucifer, Dame of The Morningstar.
Daisatan was eventually destroyed by a group of unknown heroes, his soul was reborn as an angel to try to rendeem himself. Daisatan's evil essence became one with Hell itself. The angel Lucifer was cast out of Heaven by God and fell to Hell, where Daisatan's essence took over Lucifer, transforming him into the king of the demons, Satan.

Powers and Abilities:
Sailor Senshi Transformation
Superhuman strength, speed and durability
Enhanced Senses
Energy Manipulation
Light Manipulation
Darkness manipulation 
Energy Sense
Hellfire Manipulation
Penance Stare
Control over demons and angels
Ability to control magic 
Amazing Work Ethic

Sailor Lucifer can sense evil monsters that would otherwise go undetected by the other Sailor Slayers, and can radiate an aura that can protect her from all evil spells. A mere touch of her skin will cure and heal a person of minor wounds and injuries. She can teleport to any part of the world by thinking about the place where she wants to go. Sailor Lucifer can also banish powerful demons and evil spirits more easily than her comrades as well.
Demons fear her and many run whenever she appears.

Weapons and Equpment: 
Star Wand
Sword of the Spirit: A mighty sword made to look like the cross.
The Torturer: A black trident.

Special Attacks/Techniques:
Wormwood: Sailor Lucifer twirls around and cups her hands to her side, assuming the same pose when someone is about to fire the kamehameha. She then thrusts her arms forward, shooting a great comet from her hands.

Cleansing Light: She puts her hands on someones' chest, she then sends various light waves through their body. This allows Sailor Lucifer to heal people's injuries, cure those infected with the zombie virus and banish demons and evil spirits back to hell. She can also turn back people that have become vampires except those spawned by exceptionally powerful ones. If she does this on an actual demon, member of the undead, the creature gets vaporized in an instant.
She however, cannot turn people that have been infected or cursed with lycanthropy.

Energy Ball Attack: Sailor Lucifer brings her arms to her sides, charging up her energy, and then throws her hands forward one after another as they rapidly fire many energy blasts. The resulting energy blasts take the form of crucifixes.

Afterimage Technique: a short burst of extremely high speed, moving faster than the opponent can sense. This has the side effect of leaving a momentary "after image", until the opponent's senses adapt and realize their target has moved.

Tele-shot: Sailor Lucifer uses her telekinesis to produce powerful shockwaves in order to strike an enemy. It can be used to attack or counter some techniques and can be used in different ways, as invisible punches, powerful screams, a shockwave glare or even air explosions coming from the entire body.

Final Judgment: Sailor Lucifer thrusts her right hand into the air, summoning various beams of light from the sky,as well as hellfire and beams of dark energy from the ground below, hitting enemies at a wide radius.

The Plagues of God: Easily Sailor Lucifer's most powerful attack. The sky becomes pitch black as S. Lucifer takes out a bible. She then opens the book while thrusting her free hand at her foes' direction. As blood begins to rain down on her enemies, she shouts, "I Shall Bring Judgment Upon Thee!", while bloodthisty frogs, lice, flies and locusts begin to crawl out of her bible and devour her enemies alive as fireballs and hail begin to rain down upon them.
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